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Preparing students for the gigantic leap from school or college to university and school leaver employment.
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  • 100s of post-16 and post-18 opportunities covering university, apprenticeship and sponsored degree pathways.
  • Exclusive access to events with universities, employers and industry bodies.
  • Record learning experiences and achievements in one place, making applications stand out.
  • Develop employability by recording key soft skill examples.
  • Publish industry specific CVs to be invited to exclusive work experience and opportunities with employers.
  • Create an excellent personal statement with the unique ULAS personal statement builder.
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Enabling staff to more effectively support and manage students' careers journeys using expertise of teachers.
  • Time-saving technology to track and feedback to individual or cohorts of students.
  • Develop comprehensive Destination Data reports.
  • Stay in touch with alumni with the integrated alumni network.
  • Manage writing of all student references, both academic and employment.
  • Explore and share personalised opportunities with your students.
  • Enables effective implementation of The Gatsby Report (2014) benchmarks across your institution.
  • Comprehensively meets DfE's Statutory Guidance for Careers Provision and Gatsby benchmarks
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Empowering parents and guardians to advise on their child's future by equipping them with a framework to explore pathways and support with applications.
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  • Access up to date information to better assist their child in decision making.
  • Browse a broad range of opportunities suited to their interest and ability.
  • Support their child develop a stronger application by viewing and giving feedback to their CV and or personal statement.
  • Exclusive access to events with universities, employers and industry bodies.
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Organisations & Universities
Powerful tool to reach the best relevant school and college leavers.
  • Inform committed students already interested in particular industries and or courses about opportunities.
  • Communicate with high calibre students from diverse backgrounds and key demographics.
  • High level of student engagement as the platform is embedded in the curriculum and launched with entire year groups.
  • Being teachers, the ULAS team has forged close relationships with schools and colleges; for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders involved.
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