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Apprenticeships in London

The capital is a hive of opportunities for post-16 and post-18 students looking for a jump into the world of work. Apprenticeships in London are simply growing and growing, with an ever-increasing number popping up in particular within competitive sectors such as banking and finance, and accountancy – areas that have had the reputation of being closed off to anyone who doesn’t have a degree.

Actually, these firms, and more besides, are reaching out more and more to school leavers, with an aim of picking up the very best talent early on and training them up to be future leaders. Gone are the days of a degree being the only way to get to the top; apprenticeships with leading firms in London can set you on track to a boardroom career just as a degree can. Apprenticeships are hot news, and London offers the chance to be in the thick of it straight out of school – earning money along the way.

Tell me about apprenticeships in London

 Here’s an explanation of the types of apprenticeship available in the capital:


• First level apprenticeship (paid).

• You need two or more GCSEs to be eligible OR a test in English and maths.

• You earn an NVQ level 2/BTEC/GCSE/City & Guilds qualification (depending on the apprenticeship area) alongside work experience.

• On completion you can move on to an Advanced Apprenticeship, sometimes with the same company.


• Second level apprenticeship (paid).

• You must have completed an Intermediate Apprenticeship OR have five GCSEs at grades A-C.

• On completion you can earn the equivalent to two A-Level passes plus a technical certificate alongside work experience.

• You can then progress to a Higher Apprenticeship. 


• Third level apprenticeship (paid).

• Similar to school leaver programmes, but usually only last for a year.

• You must have completed an Advanced Apprenticeship or two A-Levels to be eligible.

• You could study for a foundation degree, undergraduate degree or HND or professional qualification alongside work experience, depending on what the programme you choose offers.

How can I get an apprenticeship in London?

The first step is to ensure your CV is spot on, showing your experience and achievement in the very best light. When you come to apply for an apprenticeship, do some research on the company and make sure your application shows your enthusiasm for the sector in which they work. You don’t have to be an expert; just be honest about what you know and why this makes you interested. They are looking for potential, not geniuses, at this stage.

 If the apprenticeship you’re looking to do is in banking and finance or accountancy sector, you need to start switching on the news and picking up the paper and take note of what’s going on in the world of finance. London is home of the City, one of the world’s largest financial hubs, so you’ll need to start developing some commercial awareness in order to become a part of it. (Don’t worry, they won’t expect you to know everything at this stage! Just listen out for the stories that interest you most and try and look at them from a business perspective.)

When you’re searching for an apprenticeship in London, the easiest way is to look online. ULAS has a list of various apprenticeships in your local area that are just waiting for you.

To make sure you get the best possible experience using ULAS, your school or teacher needs to sign-up to use the tool first. If you’d like to apply to the apprenticeships in London that ULAS has on offer, just let your teacher know about us and that it is totally free! Alternatively, click here to fill out your teachers details and we will get in touch with them to let them know about this useful tool.

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