Cutting edge employability profiles to
prepare your students for their next step

I am a student

I am a student

Build your online profile with your:
education history, achievements, employability skills and aspirations.

Use your profile to develop your personal statements and CV

You can alsosearch and apply for live opportunities on the site. These include: apprenticeships, experiences of work and university-related events.

I am a teacher

I am a teacher

With your staff profile, you can simply: Track and monitor the progress of  students' applications, whilst  managing the writing of their references, both academic and employment.

Send targeted announcements and personalised opportunities  to individuals and groups of students relevant to their enrichment experiences, aspirations and industry interests.

Your profile also allows you to stay in touch with alumni with the integrated alumni network and download comprehensive  Destination Data / Employability reports.

With ULAS, you can enable effective implementation of The Gatsby Report (2014) benchmarks across your institution and comprehensively meet the DfE's Statutory Guidance for Careers Provision.

I am a parent

I am a parent

Your ULAS profile can equip you with a framework to advise on your child's future, by exploring pathways and supporting with applications.

To better assist your child in decision making,  browse a broad range of opportunities suited to their interest and ability.

Support your child to develop a stronger application by viewing and giving feedback to their CV and/or personal statement

Receive exclusive invitations and access to events with universities, employers and industry bodies.






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