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Lloyd’s itself is not actually an insurance “company”. We’re a marketplace, bringing together brokers (representing clients who need insurance cover) and the underwriters who work for insurance companies. Together they discuss each risk and then negotiate the cost and the terms for cover. Like any market, insurers compete with each other, although on larger more complex risks they may also work together.
Underwriters work for a diverse range of syndicates, which include international insurance companies to smaller niche firms. These syndicates join together to provide insurance for a single risk or program.
The Lloyd’s corporation oversees the smooth running of the market. It protects the Lloyd’s trading position, manages its financial assets, and strengthens its brand worldwide. It’s also where Lloyd’s support functions (IT, Finance, Marketing and so on) are housed.


Our Apprenticeship programme lasts 13 months. It’s been designed to empower you to get off to a flying start in the fascinating world of specialist insurance. We’ll help you discover where your strengths and talents lie – and then equip you with the contacts you’ll need to pursue your chosen path.
We’ll review the knowledge and skills you’ve developed at each stage of the programme to make sure you’re making good progress – and you’re on course to gain your qualifications, whether it is the Certificate in Insurance, CIPD Level 3 Certificate in Human Resource Management or AAT Level 3.
At the end of the 13 months, you’ll have developed an in-depth knowledge of the world of specialist insurance, a host of useful contacts and a new found confidence. Thanks in no small part to soft skills training in everything from leadership to communication skills, and our year-long personality-modelling programme, which helps you understand your areas of strength.