Download your employability

& destination reports.

Use your data intelligently

Students log their enrichment experiences, industry interests, employability skills and post-school destinations on their profile. Track this data with ULAS reports!

Key school statistics

Understand enrichment and employability statistics on your students, including course / industry interests and pathway aspirations.

Application progress

Track your current students' application progress for university personal statements and employment CVs.


Keep up to date with alumni destinations and how involved they'd like to stay with the school/college.

Current students

Current students

Download individual student summary reports.

These are PDF copies of the data students populate their profiles with including: aspirations, industry interests, achievements log, soft skills log and university / employment application progress.

Alumni network

Schools / colleges can engage and communicate with past students with their alumni network, all the while logging destination data and their involvement intentions.



Personally generate reports for smaller, targeted groups of students, including taking a more in depth look at activity for Year Groups, Form Groups and Shortlists (e.g. those interested in pursuing a career in Finance).

Why track this data?

Ofsted continue to put higher priority on careers guidance, by further examining advice and guidance schools provide when assisting pupils with their next steps in education or employment.

Importantly, Ofsted cite the tracking and assessment of student progress with robust data as a sign of an outstanding institution and therefore continue to look at the destinations and progression of learners in all schools and colleges when making judgements on outcomes for learners.

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The Gatsby Report 2014 benchmarks a stable careers programme as one that is sustained by record-keeping. Benchmark 3 indicates that ‘well-kept electronic records are a way to maintain consistent advice [helping all involved] to keep on top of agreed actions and next steps.’

Gatsby recommends collecting data ‘on pupils’ education, training or employment destinations’, explaining that ‘good records can be valuable when it comes to [engaging] alumni’.

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An effective means of collating and assessing employability & destination data.