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Become a ULAS Ambassador – Great Work Experience Opportunity

If you’re looking for some work experience to improve your CV or personal statement, why not become a ULAS Ambassador? As a ULAS Ambassador you would be responsible for:

  • Working with your Head of Sixth Form to implement ULAS in your school.
  • Managing the ULAS programme alongside your Head of Sixth Form.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of ULAS and finding out what your friends think about it.

Becoming a ULAS Ambassador is a prestigious role that would make you a vital part of the ULAS team, who will happily write you a reference at the end of term. The experience would really help to boost your CV or personal statement, and provide you with valuable organisational skills that you can use in your future career or university education.


Case Study – Aniqah Darr



I decided to become an ambassador for ULAS as I thought it would enhance my student profile by being part of such a fantastic site for young people. It has really increased my communication skills and confidence, qualities that I had previously struggled with. Having the opportunity to be at the centre of my school community while teaching my friends how to use the tool was really enjoyable, and hearing all the great feedback made me feel really proud.

Being a ULAS Ambassador has really helped with writing my personal statement for university. As easy as it sounds to string together a few paragraphs about yourself, it can become really difficult to structure and make stand out. The writing frame on ULAS acted as my saviour and has bought me so much time in regards to the application process. ULAS has also shown me the school leaver employment opportunities available to me, which I previously didn’t know were possible.

I would totally recommend being a ULAS Ambassador! Not only has the responsibility enhanced my university applications, but being able to help others to find their future path is such a great feeling.


Sounds great! How do I get involved?



To become a ULAS Ambassador, email with your name, school, the year you’re in, as well as a short covering letter (100 words) explaining why you’d like to take on the role. We’ll then take it from there!